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Your First Visit

What You'll Find Here

This site is all about photography and the creative process. Our focus is on images and ideas, rather than gear and equipment. But if you are a LensWork reader, you already know that.

So what is here? Workshops, publications, interviews, podcasts (over 1,000 and counting!), Creative Labs, Kindle and eReader books, downloadable templates, discussions of images and portfolios, readers' galleries, lots and lots of audio and video media. Inside you'll find more creative photography than you can imagine. It goes on and on.

It's our creative playground, so we are constantly developing new content for this site. Check back often!

What isn't here? This is a content site, not an introduction to LensWork (our print edition) nor a "website as brochure." If you are interested in learning more about our publications that are for sale, subscribing to our print edition, or leaning about the LensWork Road Show, please visit our main information site www.lenswork.com.


With all this content, how do I find my way around? We have three answers for that:

Newest Content additions are listed on this page, the newest items at the top. Check this page to see what's new or what's been added since your last visit. We hope to update this daily, but with our schedule we may miss a day from time to time.

Complete Content is the "home base" for navigation to the terabytes of content on this huge site. This is essentially a full Table of Contents of the sections in the site. It's a good place to start for new members so you can see the scope of what there is and where you might like to start.

These Newest Content and Complete Content link are available on every page in the website. Finding you way back "home" is always just one click away.

Once you are familiar with the lay of the land, feel free to jump directly to the area of interest using the Quick Access Links drop down menu found in the top left of the menu bar. Do note, however, that these links only work once you're are logged in.

Downloading PDFs for Viewing Full Screen

All of our monograph publications and many of our other publications are designed for viewing with Adobe Reader in Full Screen Mode. This method of viewing eliminates the clutter of the application software and immerses you in a cleaner view of the fine art photography you've come to see.

However, if you simply click on the links to our PDFs, they will probably open inside your web browser in either a new browser window or a new browser tab. This is normal behavior, but not the best way to view our PDF publications. Here is a quick tutorial on how to download our PDFs to your computer to ensure that the monographs open in Full Screen Mode rather than in a browser window. You'll be amazed at the difference!

PDF alert for Mac users

If the pages of our PDFs aren't opening, display as blank white pages, or partially display, you are probably viewing the files with the Preview program on your Mac instead of with Adobe Reader (OR you are using an older version of Adobe Reader to open the files.) Be sure you have Adobe Reader 9 or greater downloaded on your computer.

To open LensWork PDFs, make sure you first open the Reader program itself. Then, use the File>Open menu option on the toolbar to browse for the LensWork PDF you want to open. YOU CANNOT SIMPLY USE FINDER TO LOCATE THE FILE, AND CLICK TO OPEN.

Alternatively, you can make Adobe Reader your default PDF reader:

1. Select the PDF file you have downloaded.
2. Select "Get Info" from the File menu (or hit Cmd-I)
3. Set "Open With" to Adobe Reader 9 or greater.
4. Click the "Change All" button to make this the default for all PDFs