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Feedback reviews of other photographer's work

We love the sense of community that brings all of us together as fine art photographers on our own and individual creative paths. We may each have our own path, but there are lots of fellow travelers!

If you have attended almost any live workshop, you've probably experienced a review session. Each photographer puts up their work and the workshop instructors and fellow photographers offer comments — all with the spirit of helping each other in a learning environment. This "Feedback reviews" section of LensWork Online has that same workshop spirit of leaning through thinking about other photographer's work.

It is this sense of community help that motivates some of our Feedback program photographers to agree to share our comments about their work here at LensWork Online so others can benefit from the comments Brooks makes about their work. Obviously anonymous, nonetheless there is a great deal to think about even if the work being discussed is considerably different than yours. A heart-felt thanks to those photographers who have agreed to allow us to share their work in this leaning format.

Screen-capture Video Comments by Brooks Jensen
(with the photographer's permission, of course)

A book project

A review of assorted landscape images with a request for feedback about image selection and sequencing for a book project