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Special Interviews

Lots to learn!

From time to time, we interview people like the Mary Virginia Swanson, Stephen Perloff, or Bill Jay — talented individuals who offer more to photography than their photographic skills. Writers, thinkers, movers-and-shakers, these special interviews are available for download from LensWork Online.

Harold Ross


Light Painting at the Biltmore House

Posted July 2018
Run time 2:44

Tim Anderson


Publisher of Red Dog News and Shadow & Light Magazine

Recorded November 2014
Run time 29:53

Yan Li


Photography in Modern China

Recorded April 2011
Run time 33:38

Stephen Perloff


Publisher of the Photo Review

Recorded April 2009
Run time 34:50

Mary Virginia Swanson


Marketing Your Photographs

Recorded May 2007
Run time 50:05

Steven Albahari


Publisher of 21st Editions

Recorded Jan 2011
Run time 53:19

Richard Benson


The History of the Printed Image

Recorded Sep 2011
Run time 36:37

Bill Jay & David Hurn



On Being a Photographer

Recorded Feb 2000
Run time 43:44

Al Currier

A Painter Looks at Photography

Recorded Oct 1998
Run time 37:22