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Free InDesign and Photoshop Templates


Why design from scratch when you can download free templates from LensWork Online? Here are some free, downloadable templates that we've found useful in designing and producing LensWork publications, folios, our own artwork, and even web-based content. If photographers of yesteryear were willing to share their darkroom chemistry formulas, why would we be anything less than sharing with our digital production tools?

Use terms

We're happy to provide these templates, but we ask that you use these on your own. We are not capable of providing tutorials on their use, so please consider this territory for the self-directed power user — and those willing to jump in on their own! If these file formats and their use are unfamiliar to you, you might try searching the Internet for help or tutorials.

Having said that, we think it might be a fun and good idea for us to do a couple of Creative Labs on how to use some of these templates. We'll add that to our to do list, so stay tuned!

InDesign Stuff

Most of these InDesign templates are generic samples we've created from actual projects we've done.

We provide three version of each template — an InDesign CS5 document (.indd), an InDesign CS5 template (.indt), and an InDesign exchange document in the IDML format for those of you who are using versions of InDesign other than CS5. These three files are packed into a single ZIP file, so download and unzip for access to the actual files.

Photoshop Stuff

One of the most frequent requests we receive is to share our LensWork duotone curves. We are happy to, but be careful. Duotone curves must be carefully calibrated for the press, ink set, ink manufacturer, paper, and even humidity of your particular press room. It would, frankly, be foolish to assume you could use our duotone curves to duplicate the printing quality in LensWork — unless, that is, you printed at Hemlock on the same paper we use. We keep this stuff tightly calibrated and even so we have to tweak things on the press with every single issue. So, use our duotone curves as a starting point, but beyond that you are on your own.

Lightroom Stuff

We find ourselves doing more and more in Lightroom. It has become own main tool for working with the images in LensWork and LensWork Extended. Here are some presets that we use on a regular basis.


InDesign stuff

Photoshop stuff

Lightroom stuff