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Feedback Reviews of other photographers' work

Screen-capture video comments by Brooks Jensen
(with the photographer's permission, of course)

Sometimes the image out of the camera is just perfect. More often, an image or group of images needs help from us — decisions about processing, editing, sequencing, concept development — in short, our creativity to turn a simple image capture into artwork. Workshop critique sessions can help develop these skills, even if it's just listening to the comments made about another photographer's work. But workshops can be expensive. Our informal Feedback Review videos (typically 20 minutes or so) can bridge the gap.

What follows is one of Brooks' recorded Feedback Reviews, available for you to view thanks to the gracious permission of the photographer.

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Portraits with Stories

What people look like can be interesting, but not nearly as interesting as a portrait that tells us a bit about who they are.

Textures, Sequences

Digitally applied surface textures and be great or a disctaction; thinking about how to sequence a set of images..

Compare and Contrast

It is a common strategy to want to use a photograph to compare it to something else.

Slice of Life

Photographing everyday life and then puttting together some six-image projects.

Projects and Styles

Matching the style and treatment of the images in a project so they go together as a unit..

A Photographic Artist

Edit work to focus on a moment instead of just a place.

Abandoned places

Define the project and then refine, refine, refine.

Finding the project

Turning a collection of images into a unified project by careful editing and stylistic processing.

First person experiential

The strongest images can sometimes be quite a bit different — as a group — than the rest of the project.


A request for feedback about image selection and sequencing for a book project

A book project

A request for feedback about image selection and sequencing for a book project