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Editor's Comments audios — read by Brooks Jensen

Each week Brooks records another Editor's Comments from the previous issues of LensWork. We'll post a new audio every Tuesday.

Listed here in the order in which the were recorded and uploaded, most recent at the top. For people on the go who would like to listen to the Editor's Comments while commuting, during a workout, or in the darkroom! Feel free to copy these MP3 files to your portable player or phone.

If you'd like to see a complete list of LensWork issues sequenced by issue number, we will have a separate page soon. As the audios are recorded, we'll add links on that page, too.

Hint: Right-click on the title to download the MP3 to your computer for transfer to your portable player; click on the play control to just play it here in your browser.

Look for a new post every Tuesday. (We started this project in January of 2020.)

074 - Photography and the Meaning of Life

107 - The Problem with a Pile of Prints
137 - Our Art and Our Family Snapshots