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LensWork Monographs

About these downloadable version Monographs

LensWork Monographs are independent, stand-alone, book-length publications featuring the work of one photographer or a single theme. Monographs are produced in color or black-and-white. Each volume in the series is 72 pages. The state-of-the-art, museum-book quality printed versions of our LensWork Monographs are mailed to subscribers, three books per year. We only print enough to fulfill our subscription list. Essentially, we are instantly "SOLD OUT."

We are thrilled to now offer digital PDF versions of these books to LensWork Online full-access members as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These downloadable PDF versions will ensure that you have access to these terrific projects and images long after we no long have inventory of the printed version — especially exciting news for new members of the LensWork community!

If you are interested in the printed version back issues (we often have just a few) or in subscribing so you don't miss any of the printed versions, more information can be found here.

LWM #15 - Stillness & Light by Harold Ross

56 images, 72 pages

Ross is a contemporary master of light painting — as he demonstrates with these stunning examples from both his still life work and landscapes.

Originally published in January 2019

LWM #14 - Iterations of Man and Nature by Mitch Dobrowner

66 images, 72 pages

Dobrowner juxtaposes unlikely visual comparisons between the world of man and that of nature. A study in similarities in contrast.

Originally published in August 2018

LWM #13 - Eleven By Six by Jack Curran

72 images, 72 pages

Curran had fully embraced the six-image idea from our Seeing in SIXES series. In this monograph, he presents eleven six-image projects spanning a wide variety of subjects.

Originally published in April 2018

LWM #12 - Indians at Work: Cultural Portraits by Louis Montrose

61 images, 72 pages

Everyday people doing everyday work is the theme of this project by Montrose. An intimate look into an exotic culture and the people who make this their daily life.

Originally published in November 2017

LWM #11 - China: Land of My Heart by Dalang Shao

34 images, 72 pages

Shao is a professor of photography in the distinguished university in Hangzhou, China near his beloved West Lake. This monograph presents images from the West Lake area, one of the most photographed locations in all of China.

Originally published in August 2017

LWM #10 - Peripheral Vision by Chuck Kimmerle

61 images, 72 pages

Exploring the truly "grand" in Grand Landscape, these images from Kimmerle show his personal connection to the great expansions of the American West.

Originally published in March 2017

LWM #09 - The Least Impossible Way by Guy Tal

61 images, 72 pages

Tal explores the intersection of the personal moment and the intimate landscape in this series of color images from Utah and the desert Southwest.

Originally published in November 2016

LWM #08 - Sand, Stone, and Sandstone by Bruce Barnbaum

65 images, 72 pages

Barnbaum's camera has captured dunes and nature, sandstone and wind-swept shapes, and the stones of English cathedrals in this fascinating look at similarities that aren't always obvious at first glance.

Originally published in June 2016

LWM #07 - ICONS: Portraits 1969 - 2015 by Jay Dusard

64 images, 72 pages

Dusard is best known for his landscapes and cowboy portraits. In this book, he expands his view into the fascinating and legendary people of the American west.

Originally published in February 2016

LWM #06 - Building Blocks by Barbara Bender

64 images, 72 pages

In a series of Mondrian-like abstracts, Bender provides a look at the shapes and combinations that create our world of manmade architecture.

Originally published in October 2016

LWM #05 - Florilegium by Kim Kauffman

61 images, 72 pages

The delicate lighting used by Kauffman to create these flower portraits is from an unusual source — these are all images made camerless. Instead she has scanned these compositions using a flatbed scanner and her delicate artistic sense of light and shape.

Originally published in January 2015

LWM #04 - Chariots of Desire by Huntington Witherill

60 images, 72 pages

The industrial design of modern, exotic, and classic cars is the subject of this extensive portfolio of angles, lines, and exquisite design by Witherill.

Originally published in August 2014

LWM #03 - Mexico: The Light and the Warmth by Michael Reichmann

66 images, 72 pages

Photographed in the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende, this work it the result of Reichmann's extensive time spent exploring this location of his passion.

Originally published in April 2014

LWM #02 - Photographs 1979 - 2013 by Stu Levy

This monograph not available for download due to copyright restrictions.

Levy has photographed the Pacific Northwest and the wester United States for over 4 decades. Presented here in this monograph are some of his favorites from his extensive body of work.

Originally published in January 2014

LWM #01 - Made of Steel by Brooks Jensen

100 pages

Our first experimental publication as we geared up for offering the LensWork Monographs, this PDF is the original digital publication from Brooks' personal website.

Originally published in March 2012