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LensWork Tablet Edition

Tablet Edition

Our newly re-designed LensWork Tablet Edition is based on the end-user experience of tablets and their unique capabilities. Larger images and easier-to-read text hightlight the design. Includes the entire content of our Print Edition — both portfolios and articles.

Transferring or Downloading

Here are some quick tutorials on how to download directly from LensWork Online to your iPad, or how to download to your Mac or PC and then transfer the files to your iPad/GoodReader app.

Transferring PDFs to Your iPad

If you need help transferring the LensWork Online PDFs to your iPad, please refer to the instructions on our Downloading PDFs help page.




Our current issue
LensWork #144
Tablet Edition

Sep-Oct 2019


No interviews in this issue



LensWork #143
Tablet Edition

Jul-Aug 2019

No interviews in this issue



LensWork #142
Tablet Edition

May-Jun 2019

Audio interviews are available here as
independent MP3 files for iPad, iPod, or iPhone.


Older back issues (print or downloadable) can be purchased separately from our online store.

Previews of the content of every issue of LensWork can be seen on our regular website. This page also is updated regularly with availability information about our print edition back issues.