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About Media — and Downloading

No doubt, we live in the age of new media — competing media, changing media, evolving standards, and cutting edge stuff. Fun, but it can be daunting.

Our philosophy is a bit daring. Rather than dumb-down our content to the least common denominator, we've chosen to trust in our readers and their patience. We use all kinds of media and target our content for whatever platform seems best. Sometimes, more than one. That means we need you to participate by knowing a bit about what media your devices can use and what media our pages employ. Here's an overview and some tips about downloading PDFs to your local computer.


Roughly half of our readers use Windows-based computers. Windows 7 and 10 are the most common. Everything we produce can be used on the Windows platform — XP, Vista, or Windows 7, or Windows 10.


Roughly half of our readers use Mac based computers or iOs devices. Everything we produce can be used on Mac computers, too. (The remaining 3% are Unix, Ubuntu, etc.)

A special caution to Mac computer users:

If the pages of our PDFs aren't opening, display as blank white pages, or partially display, you are probably viewing the files with the default Preview program that is built-in to the Mac OS instead of with Adobe Reader (OR you are using an older version of Adobe Reader to open the files.) Be sure you have Adobe Reader 9 or greater downloaded on your computer. The Preview program can read simple PDF documents, but cannot read newer version PDFs, advanced-feature PDFs, nor can it play Flash-based media.

To open LensWork PDFs on a Mac, make sure you first open the Reader program itself. Then, use the File>Open menu option on the toolbar to browse for the LensWork PDF you want to open. YOU CANNOT SIMPLY USE FINDER TO LOCATE THE FILE, AND CLICK TO OPEN.

Alternatively, you can make Adobe Reader your default PDF reader:
1. Select the PDF file you have downloaded.
2. Select "Get Info" from the File menu (or hit Cmd-I).
3. Set "Open With" to Adobe Reader 9 or greater.
4. Click the "Change All" button to make this the default for all PDFs.


PDFs and the free Adobe Reader

The PDF publication is our basic medium for publications that use still images. Many of our video training programs also use PDF as the primary publication with video or audio embedded or linked. Media used in PDFs are either standard audio MP3 files or standard video MP4 files. No additional software is required.

We produce and recommend Adobe Reader (or Acrobat Standard or Pro) version 9 or greater. If you use earlier versions, some of our publications may not work.

Adobe Reader on the iPad or Android devices

Adobe makes the best PDF reader. We strongly recomment their free Adobe Reader app for iPad or for Android.


(iPod, iPhone)

Where you see the Apple logo, we've produced for and tested the content on the iPad.

Please note that a great deal of the iPad content can also be viewed on an iPod or iPhone. We do not, however, test for compatibility with these devices, so no guarantees.


Tablets and phones

Adobe makes the best PDF reader. We strongly recomment their free Adobe Reader app for iPad or for Android.

PDF download


See our page on downloading tips.